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1. I'm The One

2. I'll Roll Away

3. I'm Gonna Move

4. That I Could Still Go Free

5. The Only Real Peace

6. The Blood Will Never Loose It's Power

7. I Go To Ther Rock

8. Hold To God's Unchanging Hand

9. I Call Him Lord

10. Angels On Board

1. One Glorious Day

2. On Second Thought

3. Can You Tell Me The Day

4. When Morning Comes

5. Talk To The King

6. The Same One

7. Going Back To The Well

8. A Mansion On A Hillside

9. Army Marches On

10. I KNow His Name
1. The Same One

2. I won't Drop My Anchor

3. God Walks The Dark Hills

4. I'm Ready To Go

5. It Is Well

6. Thomas

7. Talk To The King

8. Through The Fire

9. Old Time Medley

10. Going Home